Our nominations won’t be open forever so strike the iron while it’s hot and nominate the streamers you think have gone above and beyond in providing the online experience to forge a community to stand the test of time.

When the time is up, our nominations and their individual votes will be aggregated and this our first cohort of brave digital pioneers will be chosen to compete for their respective categories. A total of 20 categories have been chosen, drawing from the diversity of the ecosystem in terms of both platform and niche, to celebrate the sheer variety of leading talent in the space.

  • 1st Aug.Nomination Open
  • 1st Oct.Nomination Closed
  • 5th Oct.Shortlist announced & Finalists Votes Open
  • 25th Oct.Finalists Voting Closes
  • 14th Nov.Awards Night


Select a category below to make a nomination. Feel free to make multiple nominations in various categories to let us know who you think deserves to make the shortlist.

Most Responsible Streamer

In an often self-serving digital ecosystem, this award celebrates the streamer who has approached this community and content with ethics and resonsibility in mind.

Best Female Streamer

Disrupting an ecosystem with engaging content and a leading personality, this award goes to the female streamer who has gone above and beyond in making…

Best Content

As the saying goes, Content is King. This award goes to the rising star to have created genuinely industry leading content and set a high…

Biggest Community

Sometimes bigger really is better. This award goes to the streamer who's managed to forge a massive and ever growing community of devoted fans.

Biggest Viral Video/Clip

Going viral takes more than just luck. This award goes to the punchiest video to have made waves in cyberspace.

Community Member Of The Year

Community is the heart and soul of streaming with members being vital pillars in this growth. This award goes to the community member who's gone…

Best Global Streamer

The internet opens the doors to an unparalelled international audience with streamers forging world-class content for a world-spanning audience. This award goes to the streamer…

Streamer of the Year

Choosing from the cream of the crop in the streaming ecosystem, this award goes to the rising star to have gone over and above in…

Most Entertaining Streamer

Keeping their community glued to the screen with some of the best content in cyberspace, this award celebrates the streaming leader in entertaining content creation.

Funniest Streamer

Keeping things light and punchy, this award goes to the class clown that's earned the laughs of their comunity.

Innovation In Streaming

Innovation is at the heart of an ecosystem as digital and tech-heavy as this one. This award platforms the streamer who has gone above and…

Biggest Win

Online gaming and esports is well-renowned for its competitive edge. This award gives the spotlight to the victory that cemented it's streamer's place in digital…

Biggest Win On Stream

In gaming, the luck of the draw can lead to some of the most memorable moments for a streamer's audience. This award goes to the…

Game of the Year

Online gaming highlights the best the community has to offer. From a competitive edge to unbridled creativity, this award sheds light on the game that…

Game Provider Of The Year

Every streamer needs the technical foundation to let their content flourish and reach a global viewership. This award highlights the provider to have laid the…

Most Interactive Streamer

In streaming, your community is at the heart of everything you do. This award highlights the online celebrity who has gone above and beyond in…

Best Twitch Streamer

Spanning content creation from gaming to music, this social media platform that's contributed more than most to the streaming ecosystem. This award will congradulate the…

Best Facebook Streamer

With almost 3 billion users, FaceBook is the platform for a truly global audience. This award sheds a light on the FaceBook streamer who's caught…

Best Rising Streamer

This award goes to the rising star of the industry as a whole. Catching the eye of our netizens through talent, flair and charisma, we…